Quickly Enable AutoFailback for Several Clustered Roles

Using PowerShell to enable AutoFailback on clustered roles (or VMs in this case) was a procedure I couldn’t find online recently, so I figured I’d fiddle with it until I got it working myself.

First define the names of the roles you want to adjust.  In my case, I wanted to configure this for all VMFleet VMs that I’d created for stress-testing, but I wanted to ensure they failed back if or when I rebooted a node, otherwise I’d have to initiate the moves manually should I want to run another post-tweak test.

For each cluster group in that list, set the autofailbacktype to 1

That’s it.  You can check that it worked by running:

or by opening the role properties in Failover Cluster Manager and looking at the Failover tab:


Disable NLA for RDP remotely

Useful when RDP won’t connect because NLA is an issue, or domain trust issues are present.  If the remote OS is still accessible via PowerShell and your current user is also an administrator on the remote OS, try:

Change the 0 to a 1 to re-enable.

List users with UPN’s that don’t match their email address.

List users with UPN’s that don’t match their email address.

Consistency saves confusion when performing migrations, ADFS password resets, logging in to O365, etc.