Disable NLA for RDP remotely

Useful when RDP won’t connect because NLA is an issue, or domain trust issues are present.  If the remote OS is still accessible via PowerShell and your current user is also an administrator on the remote OS, try:

Change the 0 to a 1 to re-enable.

Scheduling a task from command line

Very useful one-liner.  Run from CMD, rather than PS:

Schedule once:

Schedule daily:


Enable/Disable Duo for console sessions

To change which logon connections are required to use Duo after installation, use the Registry Editor (regedit.exe) with administrator privileges to create or update the following registry value in


Registry Value
Set to 1 to protect RDP logons only or 0 to protect both RDP and local console logons.

When modifying the RdpOnly registry value on a Windows 2003 or XP system a reboot may be required to make the change effective.